“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing him/herself.”

- Leo Tolstoy

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing him/herself.”

- Leo Tolstoy


As a 49- year-old work-from-home father of three teenagers, I spent most of my days and late nights sitting at my desk, working at my computer, trying to stay focused and keep my clients happy.

Working and being the stay-at-home parent of your family is challenging.

In the afternoons I was “Daddy Uber” shuffling my kids to sporting events, friends houses, and doctors appointments.

It’s tough Advocating for your needs when everyone depends on you.

I live less than 500 steps from a brand new YMCA, and although I would happily schedule exercise session two to three times a week my reality was more like half of one, after getting an urgent text message to pick someone up, mid workout.

You just keep pushing through regardless of the costs to your physical and mental health.

If I had only known that all I needed to change was one thing and I could shed my 35lb of excess weight, get plenty of exercise every day and pull myself out of constant physical and mental discomfort, I swear I would have done it!


All the discomfort, frustration and futility had built up until I was about to burst, but instead, something clicked. It was something simple, and if I hadn’t been searching for a way out, I might have missed a paradigm shift.

“Paradigms are powerful because they create the lens through which we see the world. The power of a paradigm shift is the essential power of quantum change, whether that shift is an instantaneous or a slow and deliberate process.” – Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

It was early December 2013, and I had been playing around with my first Fitbit activity tracker. I had been wearing it for about two weeks. The first week I forgot about it, and so it recorded how little activity I did in my daily routines. The second week, I concentrated on seeing how much more movement I could log by just changing how I approached the tasks that made up my minutes, hours, days and week.


By changing “HOW” I did the things, finding ways to make everything I did active, things like; working on the computer, grocery shopping, walking the dogs, I was able to turn my life and wellness around.

I gave up on going to the gym and instead concentrated my efforts on making everything I did in my day active.

I also started to experiment with the food I like by; learning how to reducing portions sizes, adjusting ingredients while remaining satiated and reeducating my mind and body.


I like to let the data from my wellness journey speak for its self. In the first six months of experimentation, I lost 30lbs/13.6kg and walked 1,000mi/1,609km.


By the second year of my journey, I was able to walk 3,466mi/5,579km, and I had lost and maintained a 35lb/16kg of weight loss.


Because I had adjusted my lifestyle in a way that was authentic to who I was and what I did, these changes are effortless, and I can’t image living the way I use to.

After four years of my journey, I had walked the equivalent distance of 46% of the way around the earth at the equator.


That single “Paradigm Shift” which made realize that I was in control of my health and wellness and needed to reinvent the way I approached everything in my life, was all it took.

Currently, I am 53 years-old, I weigh what I did at 19 years-old, and in many ways, I am in better shape. I walk about 10mi/17km a day (having changed “how” I approach my routine) and I am less tired at the end of the day than I was when I did nothing.


I am obsessed with passing on everything I have learned on my wellness journey, in the simplest and most useful formats possible to everyone willing to make a change and reinvent their lifestyle.

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